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  ProductsOptical Property Measurement HydroScat-2 Backscattering Sensor - Fluorometer 

HydroScat-2 Backscattering Sensor - Fluorometer

Included Accessories

  • Power/Data Interface cable—10 meters with underwater connector
  • Battery charger
  • Dummy plug—to protect connector and allow deployment without electrical cabling
  • Battery-disconnect plug—to protect batteries against discharge during storage and to permit emergency reset
  • Rugged shipping case
  • User's manual
  • HydroSoft software


Shown with optional anti-
fouling face plate

Instrument Options

  • Non-volatile memory, 128MB (or more)
  • Special wavelengths (select from 420, 442, 470, 488, 510, 532, 590, 620, 676, 700, and 850 nm)
  • 500 meter depth transducer
  • Anti-fouling shutter interface
  • Anti-fouling copper face plate
  • Deep-sea version: 4000-meter depth rating

Optional Accessories

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