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  ProductsOptical Property Measurement HydroScat-2 Backscattering Sensor - Fluorometer 

HydroScat-2 Backscattering Sensor - Fluorometer

HydroScat-2 with optional copper faceplate


Shown with optional anti-
fouling face plate

Two-Wavelength Backscattering Sensor and Fluorometer

The lowest-cost member of the HydroScat family, the HS-2 nevertheless provides the same outstanding measurement quality, versatility and ease of use in a rugged packge.

  • Backscattering (ß[140°] and bb) at two wavelengths (420 and 700 nm standard)
  • Fluorescence (chlorophyll with standard wavelengths)
  • Depth (330 m standard, others available)


  • Superior Optics and Calibration
  • Internal data logging
  • Real-time data output, 9600 to 57600 baud
  • Internal rechargeable batteries and/or external 10 to 15V power
  • Battery capacity 20 hours of continuous use; days, weeks, months of intermittent use
  • Activate by magnetic switch or software command
  • HydroSoft software


  • Your choice of wavelengths
  • Flash memory adds nonvolatile storage of millions of sample sets
  • 500-meter depth rating
  • 4000-meter version
  • Driver for external anti-fouling shutter
  • Copper faceplate for anti-fouling
  • More information...


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