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Backscattering Calibration Fixture

Calibration fixture
with HydroScat-6P

Calibration for all HOBI Labs Backscattering Sensors

Only HOBI Labs offers the tools for users to easily, yet rigorously, calibrate optical backscattering sensors.

  • Used as part of our rigorous calibration procedure
  • Use to calibrate any HOBI Labs backscattering sensor (HydroScat Family)
  • Calibrate in your lab or in the field
  • Uses Spectralon™ calibration target (available separately), not special fluids or particles
  • HydroSoft software, free with HOBI instruments, guides you through the procedure, does all calculations, and loads results into the instrument
  • Transparent acrylic tank; stainless steel threaded rods raise and lower plastic target platform by precise increments
  • 33 x 33 cm (13"), 38 cm (14.8") tall.


See the HydroScat Family pages for an introduction to backscattering optics and calibration; for full details of the procedure, see the calibration manual.

  • The tank is filled with water (preferably distilled or deionized).
  • A wetted Spectralon™ target is placed on the platform.
  • The instrument is placed with its face protruding through a hole in the top of the tank, under the surface of the water.
  • HydroSoft instructs the user on when to raise and lower the platform.
  • Calibration results may be stored in a file, and/or within the instrument itself.


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