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Electrical Cables

Power/Data Interface (PDI) Cable


PDI Cable


Complete interfacing for HOBI Labs instruments

  • 8-pin underwater connector (MCIL8F)
  • 10 meters of underwater cable
  • DB-9 connector for computer serial port (RS232)
  • Battery charging connector
  • BNC with binding-post adapter for external power supply
  • Compatible with all HOBI IOP and Light Measurement instruments

     PDI Cable Connector Detail

PDI Extension (Profiling) Cable

  • Plugs into Power/Data Interface (PDI) cable to increase its length
  • For profiling, tethering (non-structural)
  • 8-pin male to 8-pin female connector
  • Fully waterproof 
  • Any length, made to order 
  • Multiple cables can be combined for increased length

Special-purpose Cables 

  • Other cables can be built to order?just let us know your requirements.
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