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IOP Instruments

Inherent Optical Properties (IOPs) describe water and the substances in it, independent of sunlight and other ambient sources.  IOP instruments make measurements by illuminating the water with their own controlled light sources, as opposed to those instruments that measure ambient light.

Parameters measured by HOBI IOP Instruments include absorption, scattering, and fluorescence.


The revolutionary a-Sphere surpasses existing absorption instruments in many ways:

  • No scattering correction required
  • Flow-through design is easy to clean and maintain
  • Calibration maintenance does not require pure water in the field
  • Full-spectrum and high spectral resolution (>1500 simultaneous wavelengths covering 360 - 750 nm)
  • No moving parts
  • More...


The HydroScats are literally and figuratively the first family of multi-wavelength optical backscattering & fluorescence sensors; not only first in the world, but also preeminent in performance.  For more information, click on one of the links below.

  • HydroScat Family (more about the features shared by all HydroScats)
  • HydroScat-2 measures backscattering at 2 wavelengths & fluorescence at 1
  • HydroScat-2 Abyss Rated for operation at 4,000 m depthmeasures backscattering at 2 wavelengths & fluorescence at 1
  • HydroScat-4 measures backscattering at 4 wavelengths, or 3 wavelengths plus flouroescence
  • HydroScat-6P measures backscattering at 6 wavelengths & fluorescence at 2

The Gamma transmissometers feature all solid-state operation with no moving parts, and internal logging. Available with 2, 4 or 8 wavelengths, with standard 500 m depth rating, or Abyss models rated to 6000 meters.  More...

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