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HydroShutter-HR with Irradiance Collector

Shown Protecting a Planar

Irradiance Collector

Anti-Fouling Shutter for HydroRad Light Collectors

The HydroShutter-HR protects HydroRad light collectors from bio-fouling during long deployments.  Under control of the HydroRad, the copper shutter blade covers the light collector when it is not collecting data.

Like the HydroShutter-HS, the HydroShutter-HR can also be used as a submersible actuator for other applications.

Also see the HydroRad-ES1, with shutter built-in!

  • Simple interfacing?apply 9 to 15V to activate; reverse polarity to change direction
  • Smart controller stops motion at preset limits
  • Low power: draws power only when in motion?only a few seconds per actuation
  • Easy mounting: Rectangular housing with multiple mounting holes
  • Corrosion-proof plastic case
  • Range of motion 90 degrees nominal.  Other ranges upon request.
  • Copper face plate protects the moving blade mechanically 
  • Copper blade is user-replaceable for special applications 


  • HydroRad Plane Irradiance and Radiance collectors 
  • Underwater cameras
  • Custom sensors
  • Moorings


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