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Fiber Optic Light Collectors

These collectors gather light for radiometric measurements by HydroRads or other instruments with fiber optic inputs.  May be supplied as part of a HydroRad, a separate Fiber Optic Cable assembly, or as a stand-alone accessory for use with any SMA-terminated fiber cable.

Plane Irradiance (E)

  • Measures power incident on a flat surface
  • Cosine-weighted angular response
  • Only 2.5 cm square
  • More...

Radiance (L)

  • Measures radiance within a defined narrow field of view
  • Copper face resists fouling
  • Only 2.5 cm square
  • More...

Scalar Irradiance (E0)

  • Measures total incident power on a point
  • Uniform angular response
  • More...


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