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HydroRad Hyperspectral Radiometers

Cables / Collectors

Choose one for each channel:

For each fiber optic channel, specify cable length of 1 meter or more (note that fiber attenuation may be significant for long cables)

Depth Transducers

Max Pressure
(PSI absolute)
Max. Depth
Reading (m)
Drift (m)
Max. Safe
Depth (m)
50 24 0.01 0.2 65
200 127 0.05 0.7 200
300 195 0.08 1.0 200
None For surface-use only


Other Options 

  • Power/Data Interace cable—10 meters with underwater connector
  • PDI extension cable
  • Increased logging memory (standard memory holds more than 20,000 full-resolution spectra).
  • Shutter port: 2-pin connector for driving anti-fouling shutters
  • Integrated anti-fouling shutter (HydroRad-ES1)
  • Daisy-chain port: 8-pin connector for interconnecting multiple HydroRads to behave as a unit.
  • Deployment Cage
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