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Fiber Optic Cables

Overview Specifications


  • Dimensions: 
    Cable: 0.71 cm (0.28") diameter, 
    Terminations: 2.54 cm (1.0") square.  
  • Length: 
    20cm to 500m
  • Minimum bend radius:
    3 cm momentary
    7 cm long-term

  • Weight: 
    100g + 40g/meter, ~ neutrally buoyant in water.
  • Seals:
    Bulkhead end: Parker 2-009 piston seal, Collector End: HOBI Labs collector.
  • Construction:  
    Quartz fiber with stainless steel shield, Kevlar braid and polyurethane jacket
  • Load Capacity:  
    200 lbs static with optional strain relief.



  • Fiber type:
    200 µm silica core, step-index silica cladding, polyimide jacket; 0.22 NA; high-OH for improved UV transmission
  • Useable Wavelength Range:
    200nm to 1300nm
  • Attenuation:
    3-meter cable has < 10% attenuation from 300 to 900nm; < 50% from 200 to 1300 nm

Plot of Attenuation Versus Wavelength


  • Operating Temperature:  
    0 to 85 C
  • Maximum Depth: 
    200 m
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