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  Research Monterey Bay Moorings 

M1 HydroScat-2, 7 days

Data from MBARI
OASIS Moorings
Mooring M1 Mooring M2
 HydroScat-2    HydroRad Hyperspectral Radiometers    HydroScat-2 
One Day    Radiance & Irradiance    Derived Data   
Seven Days bb & FlCh  Radiance & Irradiance   Derived Data bb & FlCh
Entire Deployment bb & FlCh  Radiance & Irradiance    Derived Data bb & FlCh
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The top panel shows the backscattering coefficient (bb) at 470 and 676 nm from the HydroScat-2.  The bottom panel shows cholorophyll fluorescence, excited at 470nm and emitted at 676 nm. Each point represents the mean of 10 samples taken every half hour.

M1 HS2 bb 7 days

M1 HS2 FL676 7 days

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