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a-Sphere In-situ Spectrophotometer



Shown in deployment frame,

with liquid-absorption

measurement chamber open


In-Situ Spectrophotometer / Absorption Meter

a-Sphere is simply the best way to measure the optical absorption of any liquid, in the ocean or in the lab.  a-Sphere redefines the state of the art, with more than 10 times greater spectral resolution than the nearest "high-resolution" alternative—and more spectral range—all without moving parts.  Its innovative integrating sphere design provides high sensitivity with no scattering error, yet is impervious to contamination and easy to maintain.

  • High absorption sensitivity
  • Wide dynamic range
  • No scattering correction required
  • Wide spectral range: 360 to 750 nm
  • High spectral resolution: 1500 wavelengths
  • Rigorous calibration
  • Depth sensor (330m standard)


Sphere Features 
  • Rugged solid plastic
  • Impervious to stains, contamination
  • Streamlined flow-through path; easy interface with a pump (recommended pump: Seabird SBE-5T or SBE-5M) 
  • Simple cleaning: open easily without tools


Data Handling
  • Real-time output: RS232, 9600 to 115200 baud
  • Onboard data storage: 128 MB non-volatile memory


Advanced Features
  • Autonomous sampling--programmable on any schedule
  • LED light source with software-selectable wavelength bands




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