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SLS Support

SLS-1 controller and
optical head

SLS-1 Stable Light Source

The Stable Light Source is used to monitor the stability of the HydroRad spectrometers in the ISRO-SAC system.

User's Manual


The initial version of the SLS User's Manual.


Configuration File


This configuration file is required in order to use the SLS with RadSoft for HydroRad stability testing.


Baseline Voltage Readings


The following tables show the current drive and light output readings measured from SL050101 before shipment in May, 2005.  These values can be monitored to determine the consistency of the SLS output. 

Driver Volts 1 2 3 4
Current Mode 0.467 0.802 0.799 1.005
Power Mode 0.234 1.251 0.562 2.001
Reference Volts 1 2 3 4
Current Mode 0.403 0.733 0.735 0.815
Power Mode 0.200 1.157 0.509 1.606


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