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HydroRad Radiometers for ISRO-SAC

The primary instruments in the system are 4 HydroRad hyperspectral radiometers—one HydroRad-ES1 on the surface, and three HydroRad-2s at different depths in the water.

Calibration Files


These calibration files are required in order to produce calibrated data from the HydroRads, either in HydroRad, HydroDAS, RadSoft, or post-processing software.  They were already loaded into the HydroRads and HydroDAS prior to shipping, but must also be downloaded to any computer that will be used for RadSoft or post-processing.


Calibration and Quality Assurance Certificates


These reports describe the calibration and QA procedures, and the results for each instrument.


Baseline SLS Data


For each HydroRad, HOBI Labs collected spectra with the SLS-1 in both power and current modes.  These files can be used for comparison with future SLS measurements.  The files for each instrument are stored as a .ZIP archive.


User's Manual


The standard User's Manual for the HydroRad instruments, included here for convenient electronic access.  Hardcopy versions were delivered with the instruments.  Information is supplemented by the ISRO-SAC System Manual.


RadSoft Software


The standard RadSoft software package can be used with the HydroRads when they are operated separately from the HydroDAS.  Most RadSoft functions are described in the HydroRad User's Manual, but the RadSoft User's Manual includes some additional details, such as instructions for upgrading firmware.




The ISRO-SAC HydroRads were originally shipped with version 1.331 of the firmware.  The four primary HydroRads were upgraded to version 1.337 during their 2008 maintenance and calibration.  To upgrade the firmware in other instruments, download HyroRad firmware version 1.337 and follow the instructions in section 3.3 of the RadSoft User's Manual.


Special Shutter Information


Instructions for removing the copper blade from a HydroRad shutter. 



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