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Profiling at Sea with HydroDASHOBI Labs offers a wide range of scientific-grade instruments for measuring water optical properties and the spectral light field. Our instruments are designed to operate in the harsh oceanic environment with reliability, accuracy and minimal maintenance.

Basic and applied research in aquatic optics is a core activity of HOBI Labs. We also provide a variety of services to universities, naval laboratories and other institutions in the area of light and optics in the aquatic environment.



Interested in the most accurate absorption measurements, covering the full spectrum with 10 to 100 times greater resolution than any other in-situ instrument?  Check out our a-Sphere in-situ spectrophotometer.


a-Beta and HydroScat-6--IOP measurementsInterested in optical backscattering, turbidity, suspended sediment concentrations? Take a look at our HydroScat line of spectral backscattering sensors.  These instruments also measure chlorophyll and CDOM fluorescence!


WALRUS hyperspectral radiometer buoyInterested in hyperspectral (full spectrum) measurements of plane (or scalar) irradiance and radiance? Browse our line of HydroRad radiometers, and the WALRUS radiometer buoy (shown at right).


HydroDAS-MDo you need to control multiple instruments through a single serial connection and host computer? Autonomously operate and log data from a combination of serial and analog outputs? You'll be amazed at the power and versatility of our HydroDAS line of multi-instrument controllers and data loggers.

Featured Products

I-Spherea-Sphere in-situ spectral absorption meter is a revolutionary spectrophotometer that provides high-resolution, full-spectrum measurements (1500 simultaneous wavelengths in the range 360 to 750 nm) with no scattering correction required.  The measurement is made in a flow-through integrating sphere optimized for in-situ use and easy maintenance.  More...

Gamma spectral transmissometers measure attenuation at up to 8 wavelengths with no moving parts.Gamma  More...


HR-ES1HydroBatt advanced technology rechargeable battery pack, provides high capacity, rapid charging, and corrosion-proof plastic housing.  more...


HR-ES1HydroRad-ES1 complete underwater radiometer system with built-in anti-fouling shutter, intelligent data logging, rechargeable batteries, and more...

SLS SLS PURLS and SLS-1 ultra-stable solid-state light sources for monitoring the calibrations of radiometric sensors.


HydroDAS buoy controller HydroDAS data acquisition / controller systems are available in various configurations, including this package for surface buoys, containing multi-GB storage and USB interface.

When it comes to optical backscattering meters, don't HydroScat-6be fooled by cheap imitations. HOBI Labs set the standard with the world's first spectral backscattering sensors as well as the methods for accurately calibrating them. The performance, accuracy and capabilities of our HydroScat optical backscattering sensors are unmatched. If you're a serious scientist who demands proven accuracy in your optical backscattering measurements, don't settle for less.

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