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Stable Light Source SLS-1

SLS-1 and optical head

Light Source for Monitoring Stability of Radiometric Instruments

Solid-state light source stabilized with optical, electronic and thermal feedback.  Especially suitable for HydroRads, but adaptable to other radiometric sensors.

  • Compact head on flexible cable adapts to various sensors
  • Temperature-stabilized head contains LEDs and reference detector
  • Optical feedback stabilization
  • Independent control of multiple LEDs allows spectrum to be tailored to specific devices
  • Drastically smaller, lighter, easier than incandescent sources based on the SeaWiFS Quality Monitor*


Typical Use
  1. Secure head to device under test (DUT), using an appropriate adapter
  2. Turn on thermal control; wait for "stable" light to indicate head has warmed up 
  3. Turn on light output
  4. Measure output of DUT
  5. Record data for comparison with future SLS measurements.
  • Select specific wavelengths of interest
  • Select output radiance level 
  • Adapters for mating head to specific sensors/instruments



*Johnson, B.C., Shaw, P.-S., Hooker, S.B., and Lynch, D., "Radiometric and engineering performance of the SeaWiFS quality monitor (SQM): A Portable light source for field radiometers," J. Atmos. Oceanic Tech. 15, 1008-1022 (1998).


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