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HydroProfiler emerges
from Monterey Bay

Multi-instrument Profiling Package

HydroProfiler is a platform developed and extensively used in the course of HOBI Labs' research.  Based around the HydroDAS multi-instrument controller, it provides coordinated real-time data collection for up to 12 instruments and has been the centerpiece of various deployments.

  • A rugged platform for a wide variety of instruments
  • Software-switchable power to all instruments
  • Bidirectional real-time data link, simultaneous for all instruments
  • Optional internal logging for all instruments as a backup for the real-time link
  • Power and data over an existing 5600-meter CTD winch cable, using only 2 wires


Typical Instrument Compliment


Hydroprofiler is not restricted to any particular set or type of instruments, but for HOBI Labs' research it has typically been outfitted with the following:

  • HydroScat-2, HydroScat-4 and HydroScat-6 backscattering and fluorescence sensors
  • a-Beta and c-Beta backscattering and absorption/attenuation sensors
  • 1 or 2 WET Labs AC9 absorption and attenuation sensors
  • HydroBeta volume scattering function sensor
  • Biospherical PRR radiometers
  • Sea-bird Electronics CTDs

Click here for an itemized example configuration.

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