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Overview Data Samples Example Configuration

HydroProfiler as configured for deployment in October 2002

HydroProfiler with instrument lables

# Instrument Measurement(s)
1 HydroDAS Controller
2 HydroBeta volume scattering function
3 WET Labs AC9 absorption, attenuation
4 HydroScat-6 backscattering, fluorescence
5 a-Beta backscattering, attenuation, absorption
6 HydroScat-4 backscattering
7 HydroScat-2 (back side of profiler) backscattering, fluorescence
8 Seabird SBE-19 conductivity, temperature
9 Biospherical PRR-600 downwelling irradiance (separate upwelling radiance head on bottom rear)
10 c-Beta (back side of profiler, not visible) backscattering, beam attenuation
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