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Gamma-2 Spectral Transmissometer

Overview Specifications
 Gamma in cage

Gamma-2 with

integrated cage

Dual-wavelength Transmissometer

A member of the Gamma family of spectral transmissometers, the Gamma-2 measures attenuation at 2 wavelengths of your choice, and internally logs data in flash memory.  30 cm path length is standard.

  • Multi-wavelength attenuation measurements
  • No moving parts
  • Rugged construction
  • Easy window cleaning
  • Deployment cage for simple handling and mounting  
  • Low-power sleep mode
  • Depth transducer standard   


Data Handling
  • Programmable sampling rates up to 10 Hz
  • Serial output at up to 115200 baud.
  • Internal flash data logging (128M standard, larger available)
  • Every packet tagged with date and time from battery-backed real-time clock.


  • Choice of wavelengths
  • Companion battery pack
  • Power & Data Interface cable


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