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Plot of Hydroscat-6 profile in HydroSoft

HydroScat-6 Depth Profile


Spectral plot of Hydroscat-6 data in HydroSoft

Spectral data derived from
the profile above

Data Logging, Display and Control for HOBI Labs Instruments

Collect, store, graph and calibrate data, either in real time or after internal logging by an instrument.  Supports HOBI Labs' instruments measuring backscattering, fluorescence, attenuation and absorption.

Supported Instruments


  • Highly praised user interface
  • Full instrument control & communications
    • easy dialog box interfaces
    • connect multiple instruments simultaneously
    • set up instruments for autonomous logging
    • text-terminal view for advanced users
  • Versatile plotting of real-time or stored data
    • plot versus depth, time, wavelength
    • multiple windows
    • adjust colors, marker styles, axis ranges to your taste
    • print or export plots in various formats
  • User-calibration of backscattering instruments (see calibration manual; calibration fixture required)
  • Current version: 2.90, January 30, 2012 


System Requirements
  • Windows 95 or later
  • 133 MHz Pentium or better
  • At least 32MB of RAM
  • 10M hard disk space
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