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USB Driver Installation


  • HydroDAS Console and HydroDAS USBLink installed on your computer
  • Familiarity with the basic operation of the HydroDAS and Console software.  For details, see the System Manual.
  • One COM port and one USB port available on your computer
  • 12V power source for the HydroDAS
  • Power cable (supplied with HydroDAS)
  • Host port cable (supplied with HydroDAS)
  • USB port cable (supplied with HydroDAS)


  • If not already installed, install HydroDAS Console and HydroDAS USBLink on your computer.  The HydroDAS USBLink Installer copies the driver files necessary for this procedure into a folder on your desktop. 
  • Connect the power source to the HydroDAS
  • Connect the HydroDAS console port to the COM port on your computer
  • Connect the HydroDAS USB port to the USB port on your computer
  • Turn on the 12V power source
  • Start HydroDAS Console
  • After HydroDAS Console has established a connection, click the Activate USB button.
  • After a few seconds, Windows should detect the presence of the HydroDAS USB inteface and present the Found New Hardware Wizard.  Details of its appearance depend on which version of Windows you are running; the following are from Windows XP.
  • If it offers to connect you Windows Update, as shown below, select "No, not this time."

    Found New Hardware Wizard 1

  • When prompted regarding automatic installation, select the option to install from a specified location rather than automatically:

    Found New Hardware Wizard 2

  • Select the option to search for the driver, but in a location you specify.  Browse to the drive and folder containing the drivers supplied by HOBI Labs (the Desktop, if you used the HydroDAS USBLink Installer).

    Selecting Folder

  • In Windows XP you may receive a warning that the driver has not undergone "Windows Logo Testing."  However this driver was produced by a major manufacturer of USB integrated circuits and is widely used on various Windows platforms include XP.  You need not be concerned about malicious code being concealed in the driver.

    Selecting Folder

  • At the conclusion of the installation, you should be able to use the HydroDAS USBLink program to browse the contents of the HydroDAS.  USBLink is normally launched automatically by the HydroDAS Console program (version 1.10 and later), but if not, select it from the HydroDAS program group on your computer's Start menu.


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