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HydroDAS Firmware Update Procedure


  • HydroDAS Console, HydroDAS Firmware, and Motocross installed on your computer
  • Familiarity with the basic operation of the HydroDAS and Console software.  For details, see the System Manual.
  • One COM port available on your computer
  • 12V power source for the HydroDAS
  • Power cable (supplied with HydroDAS)
  • Host port connector (supplied with HydroDAS)


  • If not already installed, install HydroDAS Console, HydroDAS Firmware, and Motocross on your computer
  • Connect the power source to the HydroDAS
  • Connect the HydroDAS console port to the COM port on your computer
  • Turn on the 12V power source
  • Start HydroDAS Console
  • After HydroDAS Console has established a connection, uncheck the Start before disconnect option, and click Disconnect:

  • Open Motocross
  • Select Communication Settings from the File menu, and enter the following settings (except the port number, which may not be 1 on your computer).

  • Click in the Motorcross window and type EXIT followed by the enter key.  You should see approximately (the number may be different):
    Persistor CF11M   SN 51863    PicoDOS V2.28r4      PBM V2.27
    (C) 1998-2004 Persistor Instruments Inc. - www.persistor.com
  • On the Transfer menu, select Load...

  • Select the file MDASXXX.APP where XXX is the version number (for example, 321 for version 3.21), and click Open.  You should see a progress window like the following, for about 30 seconds.

  • When the transfer is complete, you should see approximately (the numbers may be different)
    ###MX Load: CRC E40000 E6FFFF = 1BD2E9AF
  • Press the enter key.  You should then see

    -->"??" @ E40000
  • Additional messages may follow, depending on the exact settings of the HydroDAS.
  • Exit Motocross (select Exit from the File menu).
  • Return to the HydroDAS Console window.
  • Click Connect.  The HydroDAS should now respond normally to the controls in the Console.


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