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HydroBeta during deployment
(with c-Beta in center)

Instrument for measuring in-situ profiles of the Volume Scattering Function from 10 to 170

The first and only instrument that provides real-time in-situ profiling of the VSF, HydroBeta measures the VSF at 12 angles simultaneously, at rates up to 10 samples per second.  HOBI Labs has deployed HydroBeta in various water types (see data).

  • A collimated, de-polarized laser beam is projected into the water
  • 12 radiometer receivers view the center of the beam at various intersection angles.
  • Receivers are fixed in place, but can be reconfigured for different specific angles.

Example Configuration (top view)

Laser beam is green; receiver fields of view are yellow.

HydroBeta Layou

  • Laser is pulsed at high frequency; receivers are synchronized to laser pulses.
  • Forward-angle receivers have narrow FOV (<0.5) and lower gain to accomodate high signal and steep slope of the forward VSF
  • Back-angle receivers have wider FOV (up to 2.2) and higher gain for the weaker, shallowly sloped backward VSF


Key Features and Benefits

  • No moving parts
  • Rapid, simultaneous sampling at 12 angles
  • Immune to background light
  • Open sample volume for measuring undisturbed water
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Rigorous calibration does not depend on estimating the effective sample volume.


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