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  ProductsOptical Property Measurement HydroScat-6P Backscattering Sensor - Fluorometer 

HydroScat-6P Backscattering Sensor - Fluorometer

HydroScat-6P Update 2010

The HydroScat-6P (Plus), also know as the HS-6 Series 250, includes an integrated deployment cage that provides compact but rugged protection and easy handling, and a redesigned pressure case for improved maintainability.

HydroScat-6 Series 250 with integrated deployment frame


Protection and Handling


  • Stainless steel rods protect the housing and act as handles
  • Instrument face is recessed to protect windows when face-down on deck
  • No metal protrusions
  • Lowering eye is built in to end cap


HydroScat-6 Series 250 with integrated deployment frame 

End cap includes sturdy lowering eye

Other Changes


The HydroScat-6P incorporates a new pressure case design that seals without threads exposed to water, eliminating the possibility of corrosion and seizing.

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