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HydroDAS provides options to support virtually any data logging and control application

Housing / Connectors 

Buoy Controller

HydroDAS Buoy Controller

(click to enlarge)

All configurations use an MCBH8M connector for input power and real-time connection to a host computer.  In addition there are 3 instrument-port configurations available:

  • One segmented connector—6 ports 
  • Two segmented connectors—12 ports (diagram)
  • Up to 12 individual connectors—multiple ports per connector are possible, for more than 12 instruments (diagram)
  • Custom housings can be tailored to your needs

Digital Instrument Ports

  • Baseline: 3 RS-232 ports 
  • Expandable to 7 or 11 ports
  • All ports bidirectional and simultaneously available
  • RS485 available 

Analog Instrument Ports

  • Baseline: 4, 12-bit, 0 to 5V inputs
  • Expanded: 16, 16-bit -8 to +8V inputs
  • Inputs may be used in pairs for differential readings

Power Input / Output

HydroDAS provides up to 12 switched power outputs for external instruments, and may be configured for one of three input voltage options:

  • Baseline: 7 to 18V input, outputs unregulated
  • 60 V input, 12 to 15V regulated output
  • 300 V input, 12 to 15V regulated output

Host Data Interface

Multiplexed data and commands travel to and from the host computer (if one is used) via one of the following interface options:

  • Baseline: RS-232 (for short cables)
  • RS-485 (for cables up to 500 - 1000 meters)
  • 2-wire interface for cables up to 6000 meters (high voltage power sent on the same 2 conductors as the data)

Some combinations of power input and host data interface cannot be supported, and some require a deck unit.

  Power Input
Host Data 12 V 60 V, 1.0 A 60 V, 2.3 A 300 V
RS-232 OK
RS-485 OK OK, deck unit required OK, deck unit required OK, deck unit required
2-Wire OK, deck unit required OK, deck unit required

  • USB data offload is also available in custom systems.

Deck Unit

Deck unit panel

A deck unit is not required for the baseline configuration, but is required for any high-voltage option.  See the table above.

Other Input / Output

For special applications, HydroDAS also includes

  • up to 8 discrete digital inputs
  • up to 8 discrete digital outputs
  • up to 4 frequency inputs


  • 128 MB flash standard 
  • Up to 2 GB available
  • Hard disk available for custom configurations
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