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RadSoft Manual Revision History Download

Version 1.10 

May 21, 2005

  • Adds support for calibration monitoring with Stable Light Source
  • Fixes bug that led to inappropropriate erasure of raw data files 

Version 1.02 

December 8, 2003

  • Fixes a bug in the logging setup dialog that would send the following literal string to the instrument instead of the correctly parsed string: LOGPARAMS,SampleInterval,SampleDuration, Processing,OutputFormat,OutputDestination

Version 1.01

October 13, 2003 

  • Fixes a bug that was causing PC hosted commands to hang at midnight on the PC clock.
  • Fixes a bug that was leaving extra Progress windows open after opening multiple data sets into one graph.
  • Includes firmware version 1.331, which includes a minor bug fix applicable only to HydroRads without flash memories.

Version 1.00

First full release

September 26, 2003


  • Added option to zero-out over-exposed data.
  • Fixed bug in reading back time values in data that was saved in transposed format.
  • Eliminated errors that were now allowing firmware upgrades on simultaneous-integrating HydroRads.
  • Modified Device Explorer to handle devices with Flash memories larger than 100 MB.
  • Changes to RadSoft processing settings now affects currently collected data.
  • Includes Firmware version 1.33, which can operate HydroRads with no flash memory, and which eliminates the QuickAuto setting,

Version 0.553 

(Beta test version)

August 6, 2003

  • Fixes a bug that occurs when upgrading from version 1.31 firmware in older HydroRads that have a master spectrometer.

Version 0.551

First Beta test release

August 1, 2003

  • Requires HydroRad firmware upgrade to version 1.31.
  • Upgrading to HydroRad version 1.31 from previous versions changes the operation of the LogAuto command and the Trigger switch.
    Briefly, the default mode for the LogAuto command has changed from "Seconds" to "Samples", and switching the trigger switch to the OFF position cancels any ongoing commands. See the HydroRad v1.31 manual for details.

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